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Netflix has absolutely been dominating with their original works, and now adding to that the first full length trailer for Death Note has dropped. The full trailer can be streamed below, and it has all the elements from Death Note. The titular notebook, our main character with a less than perfect vision for the world, a detective obsessed with tracking down Light, and finally the shinigami, god of death Ryuk.

As I said earlier all of the elements of Death Note but the trailer feels more akin to an action movie rather than a slow burn detective story like what is present in Death Note. The biggest change is to L’s character and how he presents himself. In the books as well as the animated series, L is calm collected and analytical of every move Light Yagami makes. In the trailer L is portrayed as unhinged and desperate to prove to everyone that Light is in fact the murderer he is tracking down.

L did have a few moments that did not suit his character in the books yes, but nothing to this degree. Since Netflix is attempting to deviate away from the original story a bit in order to tell their own version of the story, they’ll have to really step up their game in order to make Death Note a success. Especially in the eyes of fans of the original series and books.

Credit: Netflix Death Note

However, if it is handled correctly, this version of Death Note could prove to be interesting and a worthwhile entry into the franchise. Switching the setting and characters could be fun and work well as a re-imagining for those who have yet to see the original for one reason or another.

Plus we were given a closer look at Willem Dafoe’s Ryuk so that is always a bonus, especially when the original concept for Ryuk’s design was based off of Dafoe’s likeness. The trailer is interesting to say the least, it offers a different look at an already tried and true story, but just how will it hold up to fans of the original?

Credit: Netflix Death Note,

We here at iHorror will keep you updated as any news surfaces on the new Death Note, but what are your thoughts over the trailer? Talk it out in the comments before the official release August 25.