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Netflix Bundy Biopic Trailer Reveals May 3rd Release Date

by Piper St. James

Finally!  The new trailer for Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, Vile not only reveals Zac Efron’s chilling transformation into serial killer Ted Bundy, but also a release date!

True crime fans have been closely following director Joe Berlinger’s latest project since its announcement.  Its wildly successful viewing previously this year at Sundance only baited the audience even more.  Now we finally have a date to circle on our calendars as the new trailer dropped just days ago; May 3rd.

While much controversy came with the reveal of High School Musical’s Zac Efron taking the lead of infamous serial killer himself, Ted Bundy, bit by bit audiences have been won over.  From the release of set pictures to trailers and clips over the past months, Efron has proven himself fully capable in handling such a demanding, dark, and extremely disturbing role.

In this most recent trailer we are greeted by a grizzled Bundy in the confines of the prison, garbed in an orange jumpsuit and shackled.  This haunting image is far from the smiling and handsome man who lured young women to their death.

Unlike the initial trailer released where rock music and a charming Bundy monopolizes the screen, this one focuses more on the crimes and dark reality of the man behind the murders.  With his good looks and debonnaire personality, it is easy to forget this man has a record of killing more than 30 women across the country.   Unlike its predecessor, the new trailer does not let you forget for a second that Bundy is indeed evil incarnate.

Bone chilling and gritty, Berlinger appears to have put everything on the table for this movie, unlike its candy coated predecessors.

With the expected success of Extremely Wicked, Efron can easily have his choice of roles for the rest of his life.


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