The Hills Have Eyes for You

Netflix and Eli Craig Creating ‘The Hills Have Eyes for You’ Horror Rom-Com

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Deadline is reporting that Netflix has acquired a spec script from David Stieve (Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon) for what is being called a horror rom-com titled The Hills Have Eyes for You. Eli Craig will direct the film produced by Farah Films.

“This is a unique underdog love story with genre bending scares and a lot of laughs,” Craig said in a statement. “I think I’ll be in my element for this one.”

Craig certainly knows his way around a horror comedy. His Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is one of the finest examples of the genre blend from the last ten years. Craig also previously directed Little Evil for Netflix. He currently has two projects in the works aside from The Hills Have Eyes for You including Corporate Retreat for Blumhouse and his own project titled Bride and Doom.

Details about the plot for the particular story are being held at this time, but this is the first time spec script that Stieve has sold.

iHorror will keep you posted on all the details for The Hills Have Eyes for You as they become available. The title has us thinking about possibilities. How about you? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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