We heard that Neil Patrick Harris would be making an appearance as part of the cast of American Horror Story: Freak Show, but we didn’t know that he would be bringing some company.  N.P.H. will be accompanied by his real life husband David Burtka.

nph david burtka thumb

We learned from TVLine that Harris will appear in Freak Show‘s final two episodes as a chameleon salesman, while Burtka will turn up in the season finale in what I’m told is a sexy storyline with Jessica Lange’s batty chanteuse.

Earlier this month, Horror Story puppetmaster Ryan Murphy — who invited AHS super-fan (and good friend) NPH on the show via Twitter back in August — told TVLine of Harris’ forthcoming Freak Show stint: “He had very specific ideas for what he wanted to do, and I had very specific ideas, so we’re working on melding those.”