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If you look at any comments section on any given Walking Dead article, you’ll see it split into two very distinct groups. You’ll have those who love Negan, think he’s amazing and the sexiest man alive (maybe and hell, yes) and you’ll have those that think he’s a monster who needs to be killed off the show even though he’s still a gorgeous man (so, there’s one point both sides can agree on, jealous?). I, personally, think he is the most dynamic character the show has ever seen and MAY ever see. Before the Glenn posse light their torches and sharpen their pitchforks, let me explain. I will be comparing Negan and Rick in this situation. I will look at where they started and what they become to try and figure out, who really is the most evil character on the show?

In the beginning, Rick was a beloved sheriff. A family man (who may or may not have had a great marriage before the apocalypse) with a best friend, who was blindsided by a gunman and slipped into a coma. He woke up to a dead world and just wanted to find his family. Fast forward to the farmhouse. after Carl was shot and Shane went crazy after shooting Otis in the leg like a broken racehorse, Rick had to start making actual tough decisions. First came Sophia, then he killed Shane for trying to kill him! Honestly, this whole season was like All My Children with some zombies thrown in. Fast forward to the prison and the Governor: the first real Baddie. The Governor ran a town by being charming and manipulative. A man who seemed kind and welcoming was killing soldiers behind the scenes for their booty and saving their heads in an aquarium. Needless to say, he wasn’t stable but he wasn’t the worst (even after he Nearly Headless Nick’ed Herschel). After Rick went through his Farmer Rick phase, he came back more gun toting-y and scarier than ever. After the prison was lost, they almost got eaten by the Termites (RIP Bob). After the Termites, they found Alexandria. Now at this point, Rick was already halfway off the rocker. After meeting Deanna and Porch Dick, he was ready to take over while the others were just ready to shut their mouths, put away their weapons and finally just exist. From here, we find Hilltop who is being attacked and basically pillaged by the Saviors and their leader Negan. In exchange for half of the Hilltop supplies, Rick and his group invade a bunker and kill dozens in their sleep, Daryl RPG’s a truckload on the road and Maggie and Carol, well, do the Carol thing.


Now, not much is known about Negan’s origins. The comic doesn’t say and the show hasn’t created a backstory for him, so honestly, all of this is going to be speculation. What I can say, is Negan is a man of his word. He is true in purpose and doesn’t tell a lie. If he says he is going to do something, you can bet the follow through is a guarantee. So, which of these hunky anti-heroes is worse? In my humble onion: Rick is the villain here. While Rick may have started with good intentions and even now in his mind, he is doing everything he is doing for good, he is no better than the Saviors. The Saviors take and kill when necessary to make their point, but so does Rick. The Saviors feel that anything that ensures their survival should be theirs and they are going to take it, but so does Rick. The difference between Negan and Rick is intention. Negan never hides, never falters and never fails. Rick will do horrible acts under the guise of the righteous.


In summary, whether or not you agree with me, Rick is the worst villain this show has seen. It all makes me wonder how we would see both characters had the show followed Negan from the very beginning and suddenly his group is attacked by shadows in the night. How would we be looking at Rick’s group? Would they still be a ragtag family who is just doing what’s right or would we be shouting at the TV that Rick is the worst villain this group has ever seen. If any of you have read the comic, you know where the Negan/Rick relationship may head. Then again, it may not. Either way, “You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry. Hell you’re all going to be doing that” until the show comes back.


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