NECA’s Super Freddy Krueger Figure Flies Into 2014 Comic Con!

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Dream Child

Faster than a bastard maniac. More powerful than a loco-madman. It’s… SUPER FREDDY!!!

One company that never disappoints at the annual San Diego Comic Con is NECA, as they always offer up the coolest exclusive toys at the event. Last year, they wowed the horror community with their NES-inspired Jason Voorhees figure and this summer Freddy Krueger gets some Comic Con lovin’, in the form of a totally awesome and totally unexpected addition to their retro line – which kicked off last year with standard figures of both Freddy and Jason.

Exclusively reported by Action Figure Insider, NECA will be bringing ‘Super Freddy’ to the 2014 San Diego Comic Con, a retro-style toy inspired by one of the character’s more memorable transformations. It was comic book geek Mark Gray that was dispatched by the pumped up Super Freddy in The Dream Child, and that particular incarnation of the dream demon has never before been represented in toy form – though Mark was, in a 2012 NECA Comic Con exclusive.

Limited to only 5,000 pieces worldwide, and selling exclusively at this year’s Comic Con, Super Freddy measures 8.5″ tall and is decked out in tailored fabric clothing. Comic Con kicks off on July 24th, and we’re willing to bet this figure doesn’t last long!

Later this year, NECA will also be adding Evil Dead 2‘s Ash and Evil Ash to their retro line, as well as a Part 2 Jason Voorhees and Part 5 ‘Imposter Jason.’ Check out images of those in our Toy Fair 2014 coverage!

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