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NECA To Release Ashy Slashy Puppet In 2017

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Written by Patti Pauley

It’s only been a few days since the second season finale of Ash vs. Evil Deadand we’re already having massive withdrawals. Last year, the widely successful return of the grooviest chins on the planet paired with a chainsaw, proved that Ash Williams not only belongs on the big screen, but can tell an engaging and hilarious story week after week on the boob-tube as well. The second season brought (and took away) a colorful array of characters such as the introduction to Ash’s disapproving father, that son-of-a-bitch demon Baal, and the adorably lovable, wise-cracking Ashy Slashy puppet.



Ashy Slashy first made his comical debut in the S2E7 of “Delusion” where Ash (Bruce Campbell) is in a mind trap with Baal disguised as a doctor in a mental institution. Baal is hammering the notion into his noggin’ that the past three decades of Ash’s life have been nothing but a delusion. Then up pops Ashy Slashy. A puppet given to Ash by the demon to work out his ‘issues’, and as it turns out, this damn fine muppet from hell is just as, if even more vulgar than his human counterpart. And here I thought Ash couldn’t get any cooler. But there he is, in glorious foul-mouthed muppet form. Apparently, famed toy company NECA thinks he’s pretty damn kick-ass too. Because they’ve announced they’re making a replica Ashy Slashy puppet available for purchase in 2017!



Collector toy and figurine company NECA are notorious for paying fabulous attention to detail into anything they produce, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this “stunningly handsome puppet”  rang off a few vulgarities to make it legit. Or at the very least, I’m throwing that out there in the case they read this, “cough cough.” Also worth mentioning, if the puppet is popular enough for NECA to take notice, I really doubt we’ve seen the last of Ashy Slashy at all as far as the show. At least I hope not anyway as our frontal lobe’s could benefit highly from future Ashy Slashy shenanigans. Official release date coming soon as the company releases more info.

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