While linear TV channels are becoming more and more of an antiquated idea as streaming services continue to take over entertainment, one of the rare stations devoted to horror will soon cease operations.

According to the TV Answer Man blog, NBC Universal has confirmed that its horror-based cable channel Chiller will go off the air on January 1st, 2018. That means fans have a little over a month left to enjoy the network’s programming. Thankfully, their only original series, Slasher, already lives on via Netflix.

To be fair, Chiller’s demise isn’t entirely a sad thing. Like the now Syfy before it, the channel eventually fell victim to deviation from its mission statement, sometimes broadcasting things that barely had any ties to the horror genre.

Debuting in March 2007, Chiller was originally pretty great, filling up much of its daily schedule with great old horror TV series, many of which had long-since quit being rerun on TV.

Just some of the shows to air in the early days of Chiller include Twin Peaks, American Gothic, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Freddy’s Nightmares, The Twilight Zone, The X-Files, Tales from the Crypt, and Tales from the Darkside.

While NBC Universal hasn’t offered a specific reason for Chiller’s end, it’s pretty obviously related to the channel having a hard time getting carriage deals on major cable and satellite services as of late. It appears that Chiller just isn’t popular enough to justify what NBC Universal wants to charge carriers to provide it.

Interestingly enough, fans have now lost two different horror channels thanks to NBC Universal. In 2013, Comcast – who had recently bought NBC Universal – decided to close down Fearnet, and merge its assets with Chiller, much to the dismay of Fearnet devotees. Now, neither network exists. Sigh.