NBC Orders ‘Brides’ of Dracula Pilot

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Despite their recent lack of success with vampires – 2013’s Johnathan Rhys Meyers fronted Dracula series was quietly canceled after a single season – NBC apparently still wants to be in the blood-sucking business. The network has ordered a pilot entitled Brides, which transports the titular spouses of Dracula to a modern-day setting.


In this universe, Van Helsing did not vanquish Dracula’s brides along with the count, and they’ve managed to survive across the centuries to present day. Unfortunately, NBC has opted not to take this in the possibly really cool horror directions it could go in, and instead wants to craft Brides as a family drama about wealthy women who will do anything to maintain their status in life and keep their unconventional family together. Sigh. Maybe they should just call this Desperate Housevamps.

That said, it’s hard to fathom why most would even take a chance on watching this, considering NBC’s recent track record of axing genre shows before they can really gain a foothold with the masses. Then again, maybe the more soap opera elements here will earn Brides a longer life than say Constantine. Like it or not, the urban, female-centered soap is a hot commodity among the broadcast networks right now, which probably played a huge role in NBC ordering this pilot to begin with. No word yet on which lovely ladies the network plans to cast in the title roles.

Dracula and Brides

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