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I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m kinda over the whole Call of Duty: Zombies thing. Different teams have taken their turns at it over the past few entries, and yea, there have been some cool moments in the series, but ultimately did we need more this time around? The latest trailer for Call of Duty WWII focuses on its popular zombie mode, and in this case in particular, its Nazi zombie mode.

I love killin, zombies and I sure as heck love killing Nazis. So the peanut butter of this sandwich is in place. This mode seems to blend the mechanics of the Call of Duty we are used to and mixes in a bit of the Wolfenstein angle on the whole thing. Ultimately though, I wasn’t one-hindered percent on-board until I found out who was in the cast for the game. Both, David Tennant (Doctor Who, Jessica Jones) and Udu Kier (mostly, every damn cult film you can think of) will lend their voices to all the zombie mayhem this time around.

The team at Sledgehammer games is behind this entry and from the interviews they have done they sure do sound excited about what they are doing. We will have to wait till November to find out if this entry is worth its weight in zombie flesh, until then get your eyeballs on the new trailer with creepy voice over by Kier and tell us what you think.