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Orphan Really Adult Sociopath

by Piper St. James

A family who was looking to help a child less fortunate than most took in an orphan in hopes of giving her a better life.

The orphan girl’s name was Natalia, and she was from the Ukraine.  In 2010 the orphan was eight years old.  However, it was soon apparent this child was not a normal eight year old girl at all; in fact, she may not even be a girl.

As Natalia stayed with the Barnett family, the mother Kristine observed behaviors not typical of any eight year old child.  Natalia tried to poison her adopted mother’s coffee.  She also supposedly smeared blood and other bodily fluids all over the mirrors in the home.

Other erratic behaviors she exhibited included trying to jump out of the family’s moving car, as well as threatening to kill the other children in the house.

She would stand over family members as they slept at night.  Her child-like pictures depicted the brutal killings and deaths of the Bennett family.  Supposedly they became so frightened, they hid all of the sharp objects in the home.

Orphan (2009)

Sound familiar?  In 2009 a horror movie entitled Orphan was released.

In the flick an adopted young girl was proven to be an adult of 33 years old with a rare condition of proportional dwarfism, and terrorizes her new adopted family.

The similarities are eerie.

Oprhan, 2009

After such manic behavior from the Ukrainian orphan Natalia, the Barnetts came to a conclusion in 2013.  Kristine and Michael Barnett dropped off the supposed girl at an empty apartment they rented for her.

Now that their actions have come to light, they have landed themselves in hot water with authorities. The Barnetts are now faced with charges of the neglect of a minor.

Disputing these charges the Barnetts revealed paperwork where they had doctors examine Natalia, and what they found was deeply disturbing.

A doctor’s letter claimed the “girl” in question stated her birthday is incorrect.  The letter goes on to explain in 2011 “the patient is substantially older than she claimed to be.”  It also explains a dentist that same year stated her teeth were those of an adult.

A neuropsychologist examined her to find she had developed “secondary sex characteristics.”  This examination corresponds to Kristine’s Bennett noticing pubic hair when assisting her new daughter with a bath.

Lastly, in 2012 during an inpatient psychiatric hospitalization she was stated as having her menstrual cycle.  Kristine had seen evidence of this at her home when she discovered bloody clothing thrown away in the garbage.

Natalia was also diagnosed with sociopathic personality disorder.  At this time in the hospital she began to admit she was over eighteen years old, and that she had made a career out of portraying a young girl.

With this information, in 2012 the courts in Indianapolis changed the orphan’s birth year to 1989 on her official birth certificate.

As of now the Bennets are out of prison on bail, and Natalia is no longer residing in the apartment they rented out for her.  Scarier than any horror movie, not only do we still not know Natalia’s real age, no one knows the whereabouts of Natalia at this time as well.

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