Word today is that Benicio Del Toro has exited The Predator, according The Hollywood Reporter, but Fox has apparently already found his replacement in Narcos star Boyd Holbrook, who is also appearing in the upcoming Marvel Comics’ film, Logan.


No word was given as to why Benicio Del Toro parted ways with the Shane Black directed and Fred Dekker written Predator flick, but seeing as how he may have reoccuring roles in both the Marvel Cinematic and Star Wars movies, as well as the sequel to Sicario called Soldado, so his plate may be pretty full. It’s a shame as I am a huge Benicio Del Toro fan and it would have been a dream come true to see him go head to head with a Predator, but Boyd Holbrook is pretty damn good himself, so let’s see what he can bring.

The Predator is a sequel/reboot (kinda hate calling movies that) to the first two films and filming is expected to being in February 2017.