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My name is Scott Shoyer, and I’m a gore hound. Since the first time I watched Cannibal Ferox at the age of nine, I’ve been addicted to gore. I’m always up for a scary flick, but there’s something about really well done gore that takes me to another place. A happy place. A happy place full of gore.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the death scenes that have stood out in my warped mind. My head may be filled with thousands of grotesque and disturbing images (I should really see someone about that), but only a handful of them stand out as being real show stoppers. Below is my list of some of my favorite gory scenes. I try and place either a video or image of the gory scene with the entry, but in some cases, like the Maskhead entry below, I couldn’t find a video or a pic of the scene. Why? Because it’s so fucked up and disturbing that no one dares put it up on the internet!!

Enjoy the list (these are in no particular order), and sound off below and tell me your favorite horror death scenes.

Intestinal Vomit Scene (City of the Living Dead, 1980)

When you watch a Lucio Fulci horror flick you are guaranteed one thing. There’s going to be at least three to four extremely violent death scenes. After thinking about all his great offerings I settled on this one. This is an unforgettable scene that will forever stay with you. Viva l’ Fulci!!

Gory City of Living Dead

Lawn Mower Scene (Dead Alive, 1992)

Again; tons of great death scenes in this flick, but when Lionel Cosgrove picks up the running lawn mower and hacks his way through the crowd of zombies, well I didn’t know whether to be horrified or laugh my ass off. So I did both.

Gory Dead Alive

Bed Puree Scene (A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984)

Not just one of my favorite death scenes, but the best death scene in any ELM STREET flick. When good ‘ole Johnny Depp closes his eyes I bet he never knew what awaited him!!

Gory Elm Street

Silver Sphere Chops Up Priest (Phantasm II, 1988)

Another great flick that has a high body count, great story, and great gore. I’m surprised we haven’t seen some version of the silver sphere on late night TV that can do everything from crush ice to make salsa.

Gory Phantasm2

Helicopter Haircut (Dawn of the Dead, 1978)

Lots of great gore in the original Dawn of the Dead, but the zombie standing on the boxes getting the top of his head sliced off is just a classic.

Gory Dawn Dead Helicopter

Captain Rhodes Torn Apart (Day of the Dead, 1985)

Let’s face it, Captain Rhodes is not a nice man. Okay, okay; he’s a fucking prick asshole and we all know what happens to the “prick asshole” in zombie films … they die horribly. Well, Rhodes is no exception. But even in death this douche bag needs to get the final words in (“Choke on ‘em”). He died as he lived … a total asshole.

Gory Day Dead

Death by 2×4 Strap-On Dildo (Maskhead, 2009)

If you don’t understand what this scene is about, then break down the title. A woman dies by getting railed with a strap-on made out of a 2×4 wooden board. As you’ll notice I couldn’t find a video or picture of the death scene. That’s probably a good thing. No one needs to see that (except me of course).

Gory Maskhead

Scissors Scene (Inside, 2007)

Possibly the most intense, brutal, never-lets-up horror film in that last 2 decades!! The blood starts flowing almost immediately and never lets up until Le Femme gets what she wants—by using a pair of scissors. Again I couldn’t find a picture or video showing this exact scene, but if you’re a frequent visitor of iHorror, I assume you’ve already seen this film at least twenty times.

Gory Inside

Opening Beach and Hospital Scene (Dead & Buried, 1981)

Not only does this have a great twist at the end that works; not only does this have Robert Englund in it; not only does this have a ton of graphic death scenes in it … but it has a particularly nasty opening scene where a visitor comes to Plotter’s Bluff. He meets a sexy lil vixen on the beach, but before he could write, “Dear Penthouse, you’ll never guess what happened to me,” he gets the stuffing beat out of him. He then gets tied up, doused in gasoline, and lit on fire. But the poor bastard lives only to have burns on about 98% of his body. As if this guys isn’t having the worst day ever, guess who his nurse is in the hospital? Yup; the lil vixen from the beach. Here’s looking at you kid.

Gory Dead & Buried

Human Beef Jerky Scene (Trailer Park of Terror, 2008)

This is a really fun horror flick with great makeup and special f/x, a great story, and a great overall feel. Then suddenly we get to this scene where one of the locals demonstrates how he makes beef jerky (spoiler alert, it’s made of people). The scene is way more brutal and nasty and disturbing than anything else in the flick. This is why it sticks in my head and made this list. Sorry no video, but watch this flick; it’s worth your time.

Gory Trailer Terror

Wire Tether (Ghost Ship, 2002)

I know, I know. What the fuck is this flick doing on my list? Now come on; we all know the movie as a whole really fucking blows … I mean it sucks out loud. But let’s face it; the scene with the wire cutting through a crowded dance floor was worth sitting through this steaming pile. It’s a shame the rest of the movie didn’t keep up the energy from this scene.

Gory Ghost Ship

Splinter in the Eye (Zombi, 1979)

I don’t think this scene needs any explanation. This is Fulci’s second appearance on this list and we all know why!!

Gory Zombi

Blood Pressure Test Scene (Dawn of the Dead, 1978)

Perhaps the dumbest death scene on this list but I absolutely love it. In the midst of a horde of flesh eating, hungry zombies attacking, Pedro decides to sit down and check his blood pressure. It’s so random and ridiculous that this scene has always stuck in my mind.

Gory Dawn Dead Blood

Head Exploding Scene (Scanners, 1981)

Again; I’m sure this one needs no introduction. Enjoy.

Gory Scanner

Open Wide Scene (Hatchet, 2006)

When I first saw this scene (hell, the entire movie) my jaw dropped and I knew immediately that I had found a modern day classic and a huge genre talent in Adam Green. Aahhh Victor Crowley … may your blood lust never die.

Gory Hatchet

Cheeky Face-Off Scene (Laid to Rest, 2009)

This is another modern day classic film that spawned another huge genre talent (Robert Hall).  Lots of great gory death scenes, but this one is my favorite from this flick, and one of my all time favs PERIOD.

Gory Laid Rest

I know this is an incomplete list. Tell me what your favorite gory scenes are.