Must see zombie film: The Final Night and Day

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Oh no! Not another zombie movie! But yes, with the popularity of zombie movies that is all an audience wants!


The 2011 movie, The Final Night and Day (made by The DefTone Pictures Studio )  will quench the thirst of any zombie loving fan! No love stories just straight to the point zombies eating human flesh.


The plot starts with a bus full of inmates that are being transferred from Rubenstein Prison. The bus breaks down and the dangerous inmates are forced to leave the bus as the officers bring them to a nearby town to use a phone.


But as the officers make their way into town, blood is seen everywhere and the first walking dead is seen. Which leads for inmates and officers to fend for themselves.


The movie was directed byAdam R Steigert & Stephanie Andrews. Steigert formed The DefTone Pictures Studio in 2003.  Andrews is also the co-founder but left the company in 2011.


The DefTone Pictures Studio has made over ten horror films and their film Not Human will be available on Video On Demand on September 9th. Their next film A Grim Becoming will be premiering this Fall.


The Final Night and Day is just a warm up what The DefTone Pictures Studio has in store! So keep an eye out for upcoming movies!

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What is your favorite zombie film?

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