Andrés Muschietti Confirms ‘IT 2’

Timothy RawlesNews1 Comment

It’s obvious that there will be an IT 2, but no one has officially confirmed that yet.

However, director Andrés Muschietti may have let slip in an interview that it is indeed happening and he will also direct.

The first part of the highly-hyped Stephen King adaptation takes place when a group of kids known as “The Losers Club” are terrorized in their small town by a nefarious clown named Pennywise. Part two would take place three decades later.

According to IndieWire, Muschietti was giving the  Italian magazine Bad Taste an interview and when asked if his next project would be “Robotech,” he said:

“No, ‘It 2’ è la mia priorità. Dirigerò ‘Robotech,’ in caso dopo.”

Translated, that means, “No, ‘It 2’ is my priority. I would direct ‘Robotech’ after in that case.”

Of course, this may not be news to people who already know that King’s story is epic in scale. But it may reassure them that after investing time in the first part, at least they won’t have to question who will be making the second

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