Murderous Music Video: Icky Blossoms – In Folds

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In this Murderous Music Video entry, we look at some heavily disturbing stuff with the Icky Blossoms – In Folds. The single is off of their second full-length titled ‘Masks.’ The Saddle Creek Records-signed artists are some of the raddest synth-driven music that I’m currently listening to. Vocalist, Sarah Bohling combines hypnotic, beautiful ambience into her melodies to create something I rarely stop listening to. The Icky Blossoms self-titled album featured the hit ‘Babes’ as well as a track-by-track, fully realized and awesome first full-length.

The haunting ‘In Folds’ video, is directed by Icky Blossom band mates Nik Fackler and Derek Pressnal. The video gets into some pretty dark territory and only goes further from there.

In Folds begins with the kidnapping of the beautiful Bohling. A group of fanatics, violently picks and pulls Bohling into a van for transport. When the van arrives to its location, she is pulled out of the van and dragged into a derelict building. Once inside, Bohling discovers her band mates had been taken and beaten before her. The mob forces the Icky Blossoms to perform for them. They do so through tears and terror. The mob, who kidnapped Bohling, are fanatical to the point of wearing dresses and wigs resembling the singers.

The band is then taken and mutilated. Throats are slashed, appendages are cut off, people are disemboweled. That happens right up until the point that the obsessed mob begins eating parts of the musicians while they are still alive.

The video is gruesome, extreme and down-right awesome. The intense horror influences are something that I hope we see more of in future Icky Blossoms material.

Icky Blossoms have been a favorite of mine since they performed at SXSW a few years ago. It is awesome to be able to feature them in our Murderous Music Video picks! If you haven’t heard them before they are definitely worth a listen or twenty.


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