‘Murder House Flip’ or Flop?

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The new streaming service Quibi has announced their upcoming release of Murder House Flip in 2020.  With a title like that, you are certainly not burying the lead.

In an era of DIY home networks and home renovation shows spawning by the dozen, what possible new angle could be explored?  Well, Quibi found one.  Experienced house flippers will be working in homes where high profile killings have occurred.

While no homes or killers have been announced as of yet, America has a plethora of locations to choose from.

High profile crimes inside American homes is not a rare anomaly in our society.  Nor is it untrue these homes are extremely difficult to sell as relators are obligated to disclose such information to potential buyers.

Even if realtors were not responsible to mention such tragedies, a quick Google would reveal the horrific history behind the home.  From the Amityville house on Ocean Avenue in Long Island to Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood home where he committed his first murder in Akron, Ohio, Murder House Flip has quite the selection to choose from.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood home, Akron, Ohio

Besides the professional renovations being brought on board, and the grisly history of these homes behind explored, Murder House Flip has much more in store for its viewers.

Forensic specialists will be called in.  Where there are crimes there is evidence, and some is  much harder to get rid of than others.  Hopefully these specialists will have the answers on how to remove those pesky bloodstains from floors.  These are certainly the details that drive down housing prices, six feet under.

Forensic experts takes a sample of blood, gun and shells from the crime scene

In addition, spiritual healers will be invited onto the show to ensure no paranormal squatters remain.  Let’s face it, those unwelcomed guests never chip in for bills.

After the previous horrors of the home have been unearthed the renovations can break ground on Murder House Flip.

No matter the beautiful results a home renovation can make, will it be possible to find a home owner who can look past the morbid history?  Come 2020 on Quibi, we shall find out!

iHorror will be sure to bring you more details about Murder House Flip as they become available.

In the meantime, which house would you enjoy seeing explored and renovated?  Tell us in the comments!

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