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‘Muppetsommar’ Riffs Aster’s Epic Pic in Brilliant Limited-Time Print

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Unlike the rest of us, The Muppets are having a great year. First, they have a new show on Disney+ and then they went viral with an all-Muppet version of Hamilton (f-bombs and all).

Now they are the focus of a new horror print by Cap’n Mikey titled Muppetsommar, a riff on Ari Aster’s 2019 slasher Midsommar.

Not much can be told about the company and who exactly Cap’n Mikey are.

Their private Facebook group description says, “Ken and the Crew make delightfully questionable art, all under the watchful one eye of Cap’n Mikey. May he rest in peace with plentiful chicken nuggets.”

They only have a few artpieces in their shop which they describe as “terrible,” be we think no-so-much. Take a look:

Cap'n Mikey

Cap’n Mikey

Muppetsommar is a glorious thing to behold and at a cost of only $20 it might be the smartest thing you’ll spend your stimulus funds on.

Here’s a description of the piece:

Cap’n Mikey imagines Midsommar with an all-Muppet cast for his latest work of art. 17×11 giclee prints, signed and numbered, are available for $20 now through Friday, July 24.

You have only got a few days left to order this one-of-a-kind print so hopefully the May Queen has blessed your Chase account.

Make your choice HERE.