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‘The Mummy’ Promo Shares a Sneak Peek at the Dark Side of Dr. Jekyll

by Kelly McNeely

As part of the #MummyMondays sneak peek promo series, SyFy Wire has shared a sneak peek at Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll (and, briefly, Mr. Hyde) in The Mummy – the first film of the new Universal Monsters series.

Russell Crowe’s Dr. Jekyll – and his organization, Prodigium – will be like the Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. of The Mummy, and perhaps the whole Universal Monsters universe. Dr. Jekyll will be there, in charge, and full of secrets. But without the eyepatch… and probably with less guns.

It feels like Prodigium – a society, grounded in science, dedicated to studying and fighting monsters – could be the super secret organization that glues the Universal Monsters stories together. With plans for The Invisible Man, The Wolf Man, and Van Helsing, among others, there’s a large catalogue to work with and a lot of opportunity to play a bigger game.

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In the clip, we get a good background on the Prodigium organization and Dr. Jekyll’s involvement in The Mummy, which offers a bit of an explanation as to why the very qualified monster in disguise doctor is present in the film. We’re also treated to a brief glimpse at a (fully? semi?) transformed Mr. Hyde.

Overall, the clip offers some added mystery and a hint that there’s a bit more going on than just the monster mash on the surface.

They’ve really doubled-down on the star power here with both Oscar Winner Russell Crowe and general superstar Tom Cruise. It’s a wise choice; they’ll definitely want some extra box office mojo if they have plans to proceed with a franchise. Just ask Dracula Untold, which they had previously hoped to tie-in to the new Monsters universe before it under performed at the box office. But with Javier Bardem and Johnny Depp signed on as Frankenstein’s Monster and The Invisible Man, respectively, casting heavy-hitters doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Check out the new video below!

The Mummy opens June 9.

For The Mummy trailer, check out our post here.

Featured image via Universal Studios


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