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Multiple ‘Halloween’ Films Headed to Theaters this October!

by Waylon Jordan

Way, way back in 1978, John Carpenter’s Halloween opened on a couple of screens in Kansas City.

The film centered on Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) who finds herself in a fight for survival when masked killer Michael Myers returns to the little town of Haddonfield with murder on his mind.

Now, CineLife Entertainment has teamed with Trancas International Films and Compass International Productions to bring Halloween back to the drive-in, and the original isn’t coming by itself. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers will also be playing in select drive-in theaters across the country.

Legendary producer Moustapha Akkad is credited with breathing new life into the Halloween franchise with part four which brought back Michael Myers and also introduced fan-favorite Danielle Harris in the role of Jamie Strode.

iHorror spoke exclusively to Malek Akkad–son of producer Moustapha Akkad who kept the Halloween flame alive in his own way for decades–about the event. Akkad is overjoyed at the return of these films to the theater.

“It’s absolutely exciting for so many reasons,” Akkad, who stepped in and began producing the films as well in the 90s, told us. “Over 40 years ago this film, which is really the byproduct of five really important people–my father, John Carpenter, Irwin Yablans, Debra Hill, and Jamie Lee Curtis and the whole entire team–it opened, as legend would have it, on two drive-in theater screens in Kansas City. It’s returning to its roots where it all started. It’s full circle. The other super-exciting thing is that there’s an entire generation of people that I think have never gone to a drive-in and I remember very well when I was a kid going to the drive-in theater. I was one of those kids. It’s a different experience. It’s so much fun.”

Akkad also pointed out that if the film isn’t playing at a local drive-in, fans can contact the theater who can arrange for showings throughout the Halloween season.

“We are proud to partner with Trancas International Films and Compass International Pictures to bring this fan-favorite horror film to theaters worldwide,” Bernadette McCabe, CineLife Entertainment’s Executive Vice President said in a statement. “For generations of horror film fans who weren’t able to experience the original classic franchise in theaters, and even for those who remember when the films first premiered, we hope to capture the same thrilling and hair-raising atmosphere for all viewers to enjoy this quintessential Halloween experience.”

“We are so excited to be bringing these films back, especially to drive-ins across the country where this iconic franchise launched,” Ryan Freimann, SVP of Trancas and Compass added in that statement. “Now, with the fall season growing closer, the drive-in format is helping keep both Halloween spirit and the cinema experience alive in these unprecedented times.”

For more details on locations and to purchase tickets to this special event, CLICK HERE.

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