Though R.L. Stine is of course known as the creator of the Goosebumps and Fear Street franchises, which are still going strong to this day, he’s also written a handful of totally unrelated books throughout his career, including Eye Candy. Released in 2004, the book exploited the dangers of online dating, and the tale is headed to the small screen next year.

I suppose it only makes sense that MTV is the network behind the adaptation, as their reality show Catfish has similarly served as a cautionary tale for online relationships. In the upcoming series, Victor Justice plays Lindy, a tech genius who is convinced by her roommate to begin online dating. Soon, she starts to suspect that one of her mysterious suitors may be a deadly cyber stalker.

When her friends at the elusive cyber police uncover a potential serial killer in Manhattan, all signs point to one of Lindy’s dates. Teaming with a band of hackers, Lindy works to solve the murders while unleashing her own style of justice on the streets of New York.

Over 10 years after the book was released, Eye Candy premieres on MTV January 12th, with ten episodes planned for the inaugural season.

While we wait, check out the first teaser trailer for the series, which was just unveiled!

[youtube id=”r8J1zWN7gNg”]