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It’s been a wild ride since Mystery Science Theater 3000 returned through Netflix and the series has been just as strong and as funny as ever. And the movies have been as big and bad as ever, too! But with Season 11 done, and still no word on Season 12, what’re MST3K fans to do? Why, join the cast themselves as they travel the country and riff some B-movies: LIVE! And in person! It’s the Mystery Science Theater 3000: Watch Out For Snakes Tour!

Yes, today, MST3K series creator and executive producer Joel Hodgson announced via a spiffy video that they’re taking the popular sci-fi comedy show on a national tour, puppets and all in July. Complete with series new star and comedian Jonah Ray as marooned test subject Jonah Heston, along with robot pals, Tom Servo, Crow T. Robot, and Gypsy. The current Mads, Kinga Forrester and TV’s Son Of TV’s Frank won’t be there in person, but will make appearances through the wonders of video technology!

As for the riffing, the movies will include the MST3K staple Eegah! The Arch Hall Jr. vehicle starring Richard Kiel as a caveman. Hence the “Watch out for snakes!” subtitle to the tour. There will be a second movie to be riffed, though it’s being kept a secret. Watch the video below for the full scoop, and keep an eye out for tickets so you can join in this live bad movie bonanza!