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It’s not often that we can say that a new category of movie has emerged.  There’s not really an official governing body, after all, that creates the genres.

Generally a genre will become standard the more the term is used. A good example of this would can be seen in  franchises such a Saw and Hostel. They sat in the Gore genre until the phrase ‘Gore Porn’ or ‘Gorno’ entered the lexicon defining those Gore movies that take it to another level.

Saw Reverse Bear Trap

Over at iHorror.com we were discussing the fact that there is an obvious link between a few more recent movies, but after some research I noticed they have not really been highlighted for there unique style. We decided to try and come up with a name for the genre and I think we have cracked it.  Allow me to introduce a new horror movie genre… Bizorra.

I’ll explain. Bizorra is a blend word or a portmanteau, if you will, and is formed from the words ‘Bizarre’ and ‘Horror’. We could have simply called the genre Bizarre Horror but we thought Bizorra sounded more catchy so yeah… deal with it.

Now we have all seen horror movies that are just bizarre. This is nothing new in and of itself.  Bizorra takes this further.  With bizorra the directors can take a crazy, unbelievable and often stupid story line, and make it so real, that it is actually believable.

So what movies make the grade?

Well, if I told you that there is a movie where a victim is surgically modified into a walrus by a traumatized ex-sailor, your response might be “That sounds like a pile of shit”. But when you watch Kevin Smith’s Tusk (2014) you see that the movie is so well made, with great  characters, engaging dialog and fantastic practical effects that the movie becomes very dark and disturbing.  If you haven’t seen this movie I suggest you do and understand why it is now one of my favourites.

Wallace the walrus from tusk 2014

But this was not the first movie to fall into the new category. The Human Centipede (2009) again uses a somewhat crazy concept and sells it well.  We could also go back even further and consider the 2007 movie Teeth. Where we see a young lady that has teeth in her… uuuh…lady garden. (C’mon i’m British).  Again the plot sounds mad but somehow it worked.  And still one more might be 2014’s Clown, produced by Eli Roth!

You’ve probably already started thinking of movies that fit the category, right?  Maybe you’re a fan of Bizzora and didn’t even realize it until we gave it a name. Comment with your favorite Bizzora titles!

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