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Sophia and Nathan are in for more than they ever could have expected in this exciting thriller, Infernal (2015). After finding out the unexpected surprise of Sophia being with child, the young couple decides to wed. Sophia’s pregnancy is far from normal, showing signs of trouble from the start. Eight years later, Sophia (Heather Adair) and Nathan (Andy Ostroff) struggle to cope with little Imogene’s (Alyssa Koerner) autism. Not knowing the best course of action, Sophia & Nathan decide to film Imogene’s every move. Unexplained phenomena continue to plague this poor family.

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Bryan Coyne’s Infernal is a very unearthly, sinister, and hair-raising story. Both Heather Adair and Andy Ostroff acted well together, and their chemistry is unmatched. Alyssa Koem also did a fantastic job in her role, convincing the viewer without a doubt that a demon possessed her. This film is a found footage film, nothing new about this type of film, however; it does set the atmosphere up for that creepy vibe. Sophia and Nathan’s character work I believe is the pinnacle point of the film. The cultural differences, the conversations that take place about their daughter and marriage give the film a rational feel, and that is what made it for me. The film was nicely written, and the concept used of Imogene’s comb is a strong and useful tool. Imogen’s silence throughout the film worked appealingly through its entirety. For me, the weakest part of the film was the very beginning. Everything from the sound to the acting led me to believe that the remainder of the film was going to follow this horrid trend, this was definitely not the case. Look beyond all of this and hopefully you will see as I did what a great project this film turned out to be.

I spoke to Director Bryan Coyne briefly about Infernal. Coyne described the different challenges during production from re-casting, to re-shooting, and at one point production was shut down. Coyne described the film as Paranormal Activity, meets The Omen, with a little bit of Kramer Vs. Kramer mixed in. Coyne is no stranger to film, he has worked as an producer, director, writer, actor, boom operator, and a casting assistant. I am definitely looking forward to his future projects.

Infernal is available on VOD as of April 10, 2015 and will be released on DVD in May 2015.

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