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Buddy Hutchins is a slick black comedy horror film starring Jamie Kennedy, Co-Starring Demetrius Stear and is produced by the Switzer Entertainment Group. Buddy Hutchins is a recovering alcoholic that has not had a drink in almost a years time. Shitty for him his only reward received for good behavior is a business that is failing and a cheating wife. He is trying everything to support and keep his family together during these harrowing times, but his life continues to crumble as more family drama unfolds. Buddy begins to start drinking again, which causes an arrest with law enforcement. Finally, Buddy is pushed over the edge and arms himself with a chainsaw. He lashes out against family members who have abandoned him emotionally during this time of need. Buddy is out for blood and revenge, and you will be rooting for this guy as he chops em up!


For myself Buddy Hutchins was a call back to Joel Schumacher’s Falling Down starring Michael Douglas, which was no problem for me! Buddy just like Michael Douglas’s character in Falling Down, is experiencing life taking a major dump on him and is on a similar path to destruction. Many people rely on emotional support from their families to get through tormenting situations that are a part of life. But what happens when the family is the direct result of these harrowing experiences? If your Buddy you finally snap and take matters into your own hands. The character of Buddy Hutchins could be anyone of us, and the development of the character was done flawlessly, I felt for Buddy. This role for Jamie Kennedy was very different, and it was enjoyable to see him immerse himself in this character. The writers succeeded in making Buddy a sympathetic character. Some might believe that Buddy is the fault for all his troubles, but I do not believe this to be true as Kennedy staggers from one scene to the next. This film will be one that people either love or hate!


In the film Demetrius Stear, plays Ryan, who works for Buddy at his failing dry cleaning business. Buddy, hurting for cash is unable to pay Ryan for his work. Ryan, a lost soul, stays loyal to Buddy because he had taken him under his wing when he needed him the most, and gave him the job. Ryan’s loyalty pays off in the end. iHorror was able to catch up with Demetrius and speak to him about his experience and role in the film.

iHorror: How long did the filming take for Buddy Hutchins? Where was the filming location?

Demetrius Stear:  Filming took place for 16 days on location in Los Angeles.

iH: Can you describe the character you played in Buddy Hutchins?

DS: My character Ryan was Buddy’s DS: confidant, a person Buddy could trust. Ryan is as loyal as they come! HUSTLE, LOYALTY, and RESPECT!

iH: How was it working side by side with Jamie Kennedy?

DS: Working with Jamie was a great experience! He’s a really a good actor and an awesome guy. He kept the set laughing throughout the shoot which is always a good thing.

iH: Any funny or memorable experiences during shooting?

DS: If I told you I would have to kill you! lol In all seriousness every day was memorable. We’re making a moving something we all love to do!

iH: Are you currently working on any future projects in the horror genre?

DS: None in the horror genre, but I have a small role in a comedy that is due for release this summer called School’s Out with Eric Roberts.

iH: Your performance in the film was excellent. Did you experience any challenges during filming?

DS: Thank you. It’s a challenge in itself to do a full length feature in 16 days on a limited budget. The entire process took a total team effort and everyone was up for the challenge. I think everyone succeeded in what we were trying to accomplish.

Thank you Demetrius for speaking with us!

Demetrius Stear – ‘Buddy Hutchins’

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