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Mountain Dew “VooDew” Popping Up Ahead of Halloween

by Trey Hilburn III
Mountain Dew

One of the best Halloween related items of last year was definitely Mountain Dew’s VooDew mystery flavor soda. Which makes it super awesome that this year, we are receiving a second VooDew mystery flavor.

Last year’s flavor was really hard to come by and took a lot of driving around to locate even a few bottles. The taste was said to have a candy corn flavor but, this thing tasted like a handful of Skittles. It particularly tasted like orange Skittles to me personally.

This year’s VooDew is already popping up at select stores according to many Reddit users who have posted photos of their scores. Everyone is reporting that this time around the soda tastes like candy apples. We haven’t yet been able to confirm that just yet, but we are searching stores in the area.

The packaging remains almost the same. It features the same reaper but this time, the dude has two fingers raised. The color scheme is also different using some orange and greens in place of last year’s purples and blacks.

If you want to get yourself some, you should start looking now. Last year, they were extremely hard to come by in my area. I never actually managed to find a 12 pack of cans. However, if anyone out there has some you want to unload don’t be afraid to hit my DM’s on Twitter.

What do you guys think? Are you excited about the new VooDew? Have you already found the new flavor? Let us know in the comments section.


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