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We’ve all heard the cautionary Halloween tale of a razor blade or some such other sharp object being inserted into a candy bar, which encouraged all of us and our parents to do something that even Sam warned us of, in Trick ‘r Treat; ALWAYS check your candy.

Despite the stories, there are no reports from back in the day of malicious candy-givers actually tampering with their Halloween treats, so it seems they were conjured up as a warning, rather than actually having any basis in fact. But the world is a whole lot crueler nowadays than it used to be, as evidenced by a report coming out of Kansas today.

As reported by My Fox 8, mother Tamara Powell bit into a Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin this past Sunday night at around 6pm and discovered a small needle inside of the candy bar, which was blocked by her teeth. She purchased the candy from her local Dillons supermarket for her young son, though that fateful first bite was thankfully taken by her.

“In the corner [of the wrapper], you can see a little hole in it where it was pushed through. When the police officer looked, he said it could be possibly where it was pushed through,” Powell said.

Rightfully spooked, Powell notified the authorities, who are currently surveying the store’s security cameras, hopeful that they’ll be able to find the person who stuck the needle into the candy bar. No lawsuits are being filed, and Dillons immediately removed that batch of Reese’s Pumpkins from the location.

Hard to not hate this world sometimes, isn’t it?