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This Mother-Daughter Haunted Mansion Duo Just Won Dapper Day at Disneyland

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Written by Patti Pauley

Outside of my little family, there are two things on this sometimes unbearable planet that consistently change my usual scowling mug to a geeky, glowing smile: Horror movies and Disney’s Haunted Mansion. And no, I’m not talking about that not so great film starring Eddie Murphy. The actual ride located in Disneyland CA. is sort of like my place of peace. Not so much the ride itself, but the entire atmosphere of the attraction is like another part of Disneyland; separating itself from the Peter Pan’s Flights and Mad Tea Cups into something completely different from anything you’ll see in the park. Oh, and it contains pretty much the greatest character ever- The Hat Box Ghost. A Haunted Mansion enthusiast dubbed Miss Mansion and her beautiful eight year old daughter appropriately nicknamed Fancy Pants just get it too, and when I ran into the duo at this past weekend’s Dapper Day in Disney California, a small ghoulish tear shed from my eye as I laid my eyes upon the coolest Hat Box Ghost cosplay I’ve seen at the park.


Photo Credit: Beyond The Poison Apple


The 47-year old Disney Mansion and villain aficionado and her adorable daughter who calls herself “Fancy Pants”, have been dressing to the nine at not only Disney Expos’, but horror cons such as the infamous Monsterpalooza in the southern California area. This year for the semi-annual Dapper Day event, Miss Mansion wanted to re-create one of her favorite Mansion characters in Disney-bound retro form and she absolutely nailed it. As for little Fancy Pants, she pretty much had everyone stopping in their tracks (me included) to take a look at her breathtaking Hat Box Ghost ensemble. The young HBG fan was absolutely ecstatic to dress up as her favorite character from the Mansion, when I asked Miss Mansion how the ensemble was decided.

“I asked my daughter what she wanted to be and without taking a breath she blurted Hat Box Ghost! We always looked for art and pics of anything that had pictures of him on it and dreamed of the day when ‘HE’ would come home to the Mansion. So it was no surprise to me when she told me that’s who she wanted to be.”

As I walked by the pair I did a double take, snapped a pic with Fancy Pants, looked at my own Haunted mansion inspired outfit, and hung my head in utter shame as I walked away.  I’ll have to try a little harder next time to even attempt to be on their level.

Yeah. That’s me on the far right and my dull outfit next to this winner of Dapper Day.


Photo Credit: Alisha Guerrero

Miss Mansion and Fancy Pants “Frankensteined” their Mansion wear with a little DIY and multiple pieces from PinupGirlClothing, Hot Topic, and various Etsy shops including Dulcecalaveritas, AJ’s Cafe, and used her own products from her very own Etsy shop Beyond The Poison Apple. Miss Mansion’s online store produces various horror related and Disney villain and Haunted Mansion items that are definitely worth a look at! The husband even got in on the Dapper Day experience as well! What a swell guy.


Because of Miss Mansion’s established attraction to the Disney ride, she will be featured in an upcoming documentary currently in production dedicated to the fan culture surrounding The Haunted Mansion entitled Foolish Mortals. The film is at this time aiming at a 2017 release date, and is undergoing a GoFundMe campaign to help complete production.

If you would like to follow Miss Mansion and little Fancy Pants on their Haunted Mansion adventures and their amazing horror convention cosplays, simply follow them on Facebook or Instagram!


Featured photo credit: Instagram handle: Heyzenc and Podketeers Podcast.

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