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Our Most Anticipated Collectible Horror Toys of 2018

by Melissa Lewis

For years, horror fans have had a limited number of items to add to their collection. Luckily, thanks to companies like Mezco and Funko, we now have a never-ending supply of beautiful, horrifying toys to line our shelves. There is no end in sight to the new collectible items available to the avid horror fan. More and more companies are jumping on the horror bandwagon and I could not be happier.

There are some really exciting pieces coming out in 2018 that will fill your heart with joy and anticipation. I myself will be in the pre-order line for several of these as I am always looking for the next perfect piece to add to my collection.

Here are some of the best items that will be made available to us in 2018, courtesy of everyone’s favorite annual Toy Fair.

Flatzos – Mezco

I myself love the plush offerings for horror memorabilia. There’s nothing better than hanging with one of these little guys while watching a scary movie, all alone, in the dark. They will protect you, I swear.

Now Mezco has given us three of our favorite horror icons with some creepy button eyes for good measure. I am headed straight for Jason Voorhees on this one.  I am sure he will be watching me while I sleep…

They even have mini versions coming so you can be with your best pal at all times.

via Mezco Toyz – Expected Ship Date: June-August 2018

The Nun (Living Dead Doll) – Mezco

Ok, I’ll be honest, this chick freaks me out! The Conjuring 2 sure made this character horrifying, at least to me. We all knew she was walking out of that painting, but it still scared the crap out of me. She will definitely be in my collection.

This piece is beautifully crafted, as all Living Dead Dolls are. Just look at her face, with those creepy yellow eyes piercing right through your very soul. At 10” it is a nice size without being too large.

With The Nun coming to theaters this year, this piece is guaranteed to fly off the shelves.

via Mezco Toyz – Expected Ship Date: Summer 2018

Puzzle Blox – Mezco

Now this new item is really cool. There are not many horror collectibles that you can actually play with. I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these. With our favorite killers’ faces plastered all over, these are so much better than a regular Rubix cube.

Each side has a different photo which will surely provide us hours of fun – and frustration. I love the unique items Mezco brought to the table this year.

via Mezco Toys – Expected Ship Date: Fall 2018

Burst a Box – Mezco

My absolute favorite item from this year’s toy fair is the Mezco Burst-A-Box. This item is very similar to the jack-in-the-box that haunted your childhood. I, myself, have always longed for a horror collectible that would give me a heart attack and finally that day has come.

I am excited to see if these beautiful boxes of terror will play the classic melody or something more thematically sinister. I would guarantee this will be the item on most horror lovers’ Christmas lists this year. I have been a good girl, Santa, I swear!

Christmas cannot come soon enough.

via Mezco Toyz – Expected Ship Date: Holiday 2018

Ultimate Pennywise – NECA

I think it is fair to say that most people find Pennywise to be terrifying.  This piece beautifully outlines all the things that make this character so unsettling. There is a little extra fun to be had by changing his face to something even more gruesome. Of course, NECA has to include Georgie’s boat because they want us to gently weep while playing with this beautiful thing.

I love IT – both the original miniseries (which has its own Ultimate Pennywise design) and the new film. With part two of Muschietti’s version coming out in no time, the Pennywise fandom shows no signs of slowing down. Some sites are already taking pre-orders for this one, so go ahead and grab a little slice of terror!

via NECA – Expected Ship Date: August 2018

Funko’s Savage World – Funko

I could not complete a list on horror collectibles without including the fan favorite brand, Funko!  This company was the first to make what I consider to be truly affordable horror memorabilia. I have so many pieces by them that I needed two shelves.

Their new take on the standard horror action figure is frightening. Take a horror icon and add the build of the old school masters of the universe characters and they are beastly. The line includes icons like Michael Myers, Pinhead, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, and Jason Voorhees.

Jason Voorhees is massive! You all remember Jason, the guy that made you afraid to make out with your boyfriend while camping. Well let me tell you, he has been hitting the gym pretty hard and is now a total beefcake.  A terrifyingly beautiful beefcake that looks pretty pissed that he hasn’t had carbs in a while.

He is 100% on my “must have” list.

via PopVinyls – Expected Ship Date: Unknown (but we are hoping it is soon)

Tell me, which collectible toys are you most excited for this year? Will you be the first in the pre-order line for anything on this list?

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