‘Mortal Kombat’ Reboot From James Wan Hits Theaters in 2021

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Mortal Kombat! Anyone who loves fighting games is well aware of that marketing cry, most prominent during the franchise’s first rise to prominence in the 1990s. Thankfully, while the series has seen its ups and downs, MK seems to be enjoying a resurgence.

This resurgence has been driven by positive response to the last two MK games, Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat 11. With the franchise on an upswing, Warner Bros. is moving ahead with their movie reboot of the property, produced by James Wan.

According to Deadline, Wan’s Mortal Kombat movie will attempt a flawless victory in theaters on March 5th, 2021. Wan was first attached to the project in 2015, so they’re definitely not rushing this thing. Hopefully MK is still as popular in two years as it is now.

Mortal Kombat - Sub-Zero and Scorpion

Personally, I’ve always dug the 1995 MK movie, as cheesy as it can be. The same cannot be said for 1997 sequel MK: Annihilation which rightly killed the film series dead. Of course, simply making the reboot an R-rated gorefest would instantly excite fans.

The 1995 and 1997 MK movies were infamously rated PG-13, basically making them about as bloody as the sanitized SNES version of the first game. A Mortal Kombat movie is well overdue for some brutal spine-ripping, head-exploding, and back-breaking.

Mortal Kombat - Sub-Zero Fatality