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2013 was a huge year for genre television, with shows like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story dominating in the ratings and helping to make horror the subject of water cooler conversation that no longer repels fellow co-workers.  Suddenly, it’s totally normal to watch people get ripped apart and brutally murdered, and it’s largely shows like those that we have to thank for making horror just a little bit more mainstream.  Whether or not that’s a good thing is of course up to each individual horror buff to decide, but I personally think it’s pretty cool to see so many people embracing the genre, for a change.

2013 was also a pretty big year for our broomstick riding, pointy hat wearing friends, the aforementioned American Horror Story, Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem and Lifetime’s Witches of East End helping to make witches as popular and relevant as vampires and zombies.  In fact, if things continue down the path we seem to be headed, it’s quite possible that witches will be the dominant horror villains of 2014.

With a series centered around the Salem Witch Trials soon headed to HBO, the folks over at WGN America have just released a teaser trailer for an upcoming new show of their own, which also happens to shine the spotlight on that very same period of American history.  Set in 17th century Massachusetts, WGN’s Salem stars Janet Montgomery as Mary Sibley, the wife of a Salem town Selectman, and promises to “deliver a bold new vision of Salem – and an even bolder new vision of witches.”

Check out the teaser and then feel free to leave a comment below, letting us know what you think!