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It’s no secret that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise is one of the most confusing in the annals of horror, and things are about to get even more confusing with Leatherface – a prequel to both the original classic and, presumably, Texas Chainsaw 3D.

Following in the footsteps of yesterday’s news, wherein we learned that Sam Strike has been cast to play a teenage Leatherface (real name Jackson), The Wrap reports today that James Bloor is in final negotiations to join Strike in the film. The confusing part? It seems like he’s also playing Leatherface.


Bloor will play Ike, a budding young maniac who, like Strike’s character, also grows up to potentially wield the iconic chainsaw. The site says that the prequel is presented as a mystery of sorts about three teenage psychopaths, one of whom grows up to be Leatherface – though they seem quite unsure about that.

Does this mean that multiple different actors are playing Leatherface, at various stages of his life? Or does it mean that the film will feature multiple Leatherfaces? Or, stranger yet, is it indeed going to be a mystery film where the real Leatherface only stands up at the end? Jeez. We have no freakin’ idea.

In a follow-up piece of Leatherface news, Bloody Disgusting reports that genre icon Angela Bettis (May) is in talks to play Verna, the mother of the Sawyer family.

Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, the French filmmakers behind cult hit Inside, are directing the new movie, which was written by up-and-coming genre scribe Seth M. Sherwood.

We should have more on this one real soon.