Normal, Everyday Puppet Turns Psycho in Moon Bounce’s Music Video

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Horror-themed music videos are always the most fun, are they not? Not only do you get to hear music from that artist, but you also get to enjoy a little horror short; a two-for-one deal!

Philadelphia electro-outfit Moon Bounce released a video for their song “Shake,” a single off of their upcoming album Dress Rehearsal, out February 25th. Moon Bounce is actually one guy, Corey Regensburg, whose music is nearly unclassifiable (in a good way). Sometimes soulful, sometimes jazzy, sometimes dark, but always interesting.


The video for shake is directed by Andrea Youth, and is reminiscent of films like American Psycho and The Loved Ones. Except with puppets. Take a look for yourself. What are some of your favorite horror-themed music videos?

Check out Moon Bounce’s website, and look for Dress Rehearsal out soon.

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