We now have a title for the Godzilla anime. According to the official website, the film will be called “Godzilla: Monster Planet.”

The story will take place 20,000 years in the future, when Godzilla and his kaiju brethren have taken over the planet. Human civilization has been destroyed, and the remaining survivors have fled to outer space.

Haruo, a young man who saw his parents destroyed by Godzilla, leads a group of “Earth Returnists” who attempt to take the planet back from Godzilla and the other monsters. Despite 63 years as a monster icon, Godzilla has never been featured in a major anime (no, I’m not counting the Hanna-Barbera animated series with Godzooky or the animated spinoff of the infamous Matthew Broderick crapfest).

Godzilla: Monster Planet

I’m excited to see what planet Earth will look like completely overrun by monsters, and putting Godzilla in a new setting like this is a really interesting twist to the story. And since most Godzilla films feature a man in a suit, the animated format should let them try different effects without those restrictions.

“Godzilla: Monster Planet”  is slated for a Japanese theatrical release this November, and will then be available worldwide on Netflix later in the year.