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Gods And Monsters: The Monsterpalooza Museum

by Jacob Davison

Monsterpalooza is one of the most entertaining genre conventions especially with its specified focus on a cornerstone of horror: the FX. Twice a year, between Monsterpalooza in the spring and Son Of Monsterpalooza in the fall, a cornucopia of special fx and the works of talented artists are put on display through many different tables, shows, and the Monsterpalooza Museum. The museum features a variety of works of practical FX art, recreations, antiques, and everything in between. A horror feast for the eyes that more often than not has a line extending out the door and into the dealer’s room.

Latex masks and busts line the walls of the museum like marble heads of Roman emperors. Portraits and posters of horror greats on held on high. And there are so many great recreations of horror icons to look at!

Just above, we have Chucky, Tiffany, The Cryptkeeper taking a seat, and a bust of Freddy Krueger sans the traditional sweater and hat.

Some of my favorite features over the years being scene recreations from horror classics. Such as here with zombies from Zombie feasting on the body of Mrs. Menard, complete with the large splinter puncturing her eye as in the gut churning memorable scene.

Similarly, there was a display from one of James Wan’s more underrated horror features (especially the like to feature creepy puppets) Dead Silence. Featuring Mary Shaw herself and several of her deadly ventriloquist dummies, including one made from the corpse of a child! So real, it’s like the eyes follow you…

A personal favorite from this year’s museum, variations of the classic Bride Of Frankenstein! With everything from a Borg Bride, Alien Bride, to even a Little Shop Of Horrors Bride mash-up!

Another favorite being a display featuring numerous sketches and conceptual art pieces by Tim Boxell for the 80’s creature feature cult classic, C.H.U.D. It’s just fun to look at these different, weirder, and wilder mutants and try to imagine what could have been! Such as below…

Of course, this is all just scratching the surface and these are but a few highlights. The Monsterpalooza Museum is a sight for sore horror eyes every time (and a great place for pictures and selfies!) and is highly recommended if you have the chance to visit the convention.

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