Monsterpalooza 2018: Halloween Horror Nights, Scare Zones For All Seasons

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Monsterpalooza 2018 has come and gone, but it gave a preview of things in store for twhat is sure to be a banner year in horror. Chief of which was a preview of one of the biggest haunted amusements of the year, Halloween Horror Nights! Every year, the brain behind the event, John Murdy (Creative Director/Executive Producer) and Chris Williams (Art Director/Production Designer) go into the rich history and behind the scenes work that go into making some of the biggest and most intense haunted mazes at Universal Studios. While there weren’t any sneak peaks as to new mazes, aside form the preview video of the Stranger Things upcoming maze, the focus of this panel were the tried and true Scare Zones!

Yes, the Scare Zones. The areas of the park set to a theme and crawling with all manner of characters and terrors. Such as The PurgeKlownzKrampus and many more! Even showing some concept work from an unused concept called Killerz that seemed to be equal parts The Strangers and Clive Barker.

Focusing on particularly memorable Scare Zones and characters form all the different themes over the years, as well as other creatures and killers that sadly didn’t make the cut. Such as Bigfoot at Jurassic Park!


As well, showcasing the many celebrity scares and appearances at Halloween Horror Night’s Scare Zones, from Elijah Wood to Kendrick Lamar!

Cluing us into why so many themes have had their titles end with a ‘z’. Not just for some cool looking ‘extreme’ lettering but to ease up on trademarks. Which leads tot he big preview of the show, Holidayz In Hell! That’s right. There isn’t just going to be one Scare Zone covering one holiday like Christmas or Halloween. But a gauntlet covering every Holiday from Valentine’s Day to New Year’s Evil! With Father Time being the gruesome ‘lead’ character this time around.


So, brace yourself for Halloween Horror Nights 2018 and experience a whole year of scares in one Scare Zone!

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