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Son of Monsterpalooza crawled back into town, and with it, previews and panels for all kinds of awesome upcoming horror movies! Including one such preview for the upcoming corporate action horror, MAYHEM! As we’ve covered before, Directed by Joe Lynch of EVERLY and WRONG TURN 2, the story follows Steven Yeun (THE WALKING DEAD) as attorney Derek Saunders at a law office who’s unjustly fired and on his way out when the entire building is put on quarantine due to the release of a bioweapon virus that causes the infected to be completely uninhibited. Infected, he teams up with an angry client of the firm, Melanie Cross, played by Samara Weaving (ASH VS EVIL DEAD) to survive. They decide to scale the chaotic office in order to get revenge on the big bosses on top.

The panel consisted of director, Joe Lynch and stars Yeun and Weaving, discussing the making of the film and the efforts that went into it. Lynch telling how he received the script written by Matias Caruso while he was working a corporate job of his own. How the story is a bit of catharsis for anyone who’s been fed up against that type of employment, especially with the wave of ‘Officesploitation’ movies like THE BELKO EXPERIMENT and OFFICE UPRISING out and on the horizon, respectively. People want to “Rage Against The Machine” as it were.

Samara attracted to the script for the ‘WTF’ reaction she got while reading it, and Steven feeling that it’s the type of story that gives a feeling of purging anger. The working title even originally called ‘RAGE’. Steven “Getting to be angry for a month.” The cast and director bringing up how familial they got while filming, including watching movies to get inspired like THE HATEFUL 8. That familial presence allowing for a bit more improv from Yeun and Weaving that Lynch was very excited for viewers to witness.

The preview panel showed an action packed scene from MAYHEM involving the duo of Derek and Melanie trying to navigate the chaos of the infected office in order to get a keycard from a high positioned employee nicknamed “The Reaper” for his role in terminating workers. Giving a look into the method of the virus as one moment, The Reaper is calmly gardening his bonsai plant to classical music, the next, he’s eating it! An epic siege follows as the unlikely team tries to force their way into The Reaper’s office while dodging stun-gun wielding foes and the crazed infected.

Influences made in the discussion afterward to the famous Bruce Lee film GAME OF DEATH and video games in general, as Derek and Melanie’s violent quest literally takes them from level to the next. The comparison made that it’s like Mario and Luigi working their way up. Lynch however noting that outright  and specific references were kept out to let the movie stand on its own. MAYHEM having some fun and interesting ties to Lynch’s previous action film, EVERLY in that both were made in Belgrade, Siberia for cost effectiveness and days. That project proving so bloody, that they still had gallons of the stuff leftover to use in MAYHEM! Everything they could try and do practically, they would. The panel ending with Lynch, Yeun, and Weaving doing a signing of the new poster for fans.

Of course, this is just the tip of the red misted iceberg that is MAYHEM, and I cannot wait to see the whole, bloody corporate climb!

Image Source: Variety