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Everyone remembers Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest on Nintendo, but maybe not for the better. From farming endlessly for hearts, trecking back and forth to the same locations and to that goddamn cryptic tornado, Simon’s Quest may not have been the best game in the Castlevania series, but I think it was pretty ballsy of the game to introduce RPG elements and like Zelda II, it tried to do something different. If there is one thing we can say that is awesome about the game, it’s the soundtrack.

Simon’s Quest has a number of incredible tunes and is arguably one of the best soundtracks in the NES library. Starting tomorrow (Wednesday, January 10th), Mondo will be releasing this monster of a soundtrack on vinyl, featuring music from Konami Kukeiha Club and artwork by Eric Powell. The record itself is pressed on blue vinyl with green splatter and you can bring it home for $20

A departure from the structure of the previous (and subsequent) chapters of the Belmont saga, Simon’s Quest takes the titular hero out of the castle to fight for his soul. Traveling from villages to mansions, through the forests and cemeteries, searching for the remains of Dracula to lift a curse placed upon him after he defeated the Prince of Darkness in the previous chapter.

Musically, Simon’s Quest is the origin of one of the most popular of Castlevania BMG, “Bloody Tears.” A staple of the sonic landscape for the series, here it is as the soundtrack to your daylight encounters across the dangerous Transylvanian landscape. It is one of the catchiest 8-Bit tunes to ever come out of this era of Konami games and an example of some of the best that Video Game Music has to offer.

This album features both versions of the soundtrack, the NES version on Side A, and the FAMICOM version of the soundtrack on Side B.