Mondo’s Gremlins Soundtrack Artwork Reacts to Sunlight & Water

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When it comes to horror-flavored Christmas movies, there are few titles more beloved than Joe Dante’s 1984 classic Gremlins. Starring 80’s favorites like Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates, Gremlins introduced the titular delightfully murderous creatures to pop culture, along with the sweet little mogwai named Gizmo that they spawn off from.

As any Gremlins fan knows by heart, mogwai come with three rules: don’t expose them to sunlight, don’t get them wet, and don’t feed them after midnight. While countless jokes have since been made regarding which time zone that last rule applies to, the first two rules are pretty clear, especially since direct or prolonged exposure to sunlight can kill both mogwai and gremlins. When rule two is  broken, the mogwai spawn sinister little offspring, and when those offspring then are fed after midnight, full-on gremlins are created.


Mondo is soon to delight Gremlins devotees with their vinyl two-LP release of the original film’s soundtrack, which hits shelves November 30th. As has become one of the company’s trademarks, Mondo has gone all out with its packaging for the release, which – as first revealed by EW – features two awesome interactive features. First, when the LP’s gatefold jacket is exposed to sunlight – or any other UV light – hidden messages are revealed around the villainous Stripe, who graces the jacket’s normal artwork.

Secondly, each of the LP sleeves reacts to water, revealing additional artwork around the main image. Since water causes mogwai to spawn, it makes perfect sense that wetness would cause the sleeve artwork to create more of itself as well. Obviously, one should only do this with a damp cloth. Anyone who opts to take the packaging into the shower with them is on their own. Check out the before and after images below, first of the jacket and then of the sleeves. All below images credited to both Mondo and Phantom City Creative.

mondo-gremlins-vinyl-soundtrack-gatefold-jacket-before-sunlight mondo-gremlins-vinyl-soundtrack-gatefold-jacket-after-sunlight mondo-gremlins-vinyl-soundtrack-sleeve-1-before-water mondo-gremlins-vinyl-soundtrack-sleeve-1-after-water mondo-gremlins-vinyl-soundtrack-sleeve-2-before-water mondo-gremlins-vinyl-soundtrack-sleeve-2-after-water

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