Mondo Releases Horror Icon Themed Sweaters

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If The Nightmare Before Christmas taught us anything, it’s that Christmas is only truly acceptable when it has a little bit of Halloween injected directly into its shiny, happy little cortex. Since sweaters are always a part of Xmas and since some relative, who shall remain nameless, always decides to get you one that you will never wear even at the dawn of a new ice age, Mondo has decided to help everyone out.

Mondo has infused the boring christmas sweater with some much needed horror goodness. Their new line, which is available to pre order nowfeatures mostly all of our favorite horror icons. The line includes Two Friday The 13th sweaters and scarf, a Halloween sweater and scarf and two versions of Freddy’s sweater and a cardigan.

Seriously, this is everything that I never knew that I needed until I saw them. I had to get in an order for that Halloween sweater and the Freddy cardigan. Life without them would have been filled with constant regret and pain.

Which of these are you guys most excited about? Head over to to get your order in now.












New Pre-Orders Available! Click below: “ihorror“