Mondo brings ‘Madballs’ to SDCC 2015

Trey Hilburn IIIToysLeave a Comment

For those of you folks lucky enough to make it out to San Diego Comic-Con this time around might want stop by and visit Mondo at booth #835.

They have lots of goodies in the form of an “Ant-Man” poster, an awesome “Hellboy” figure an “Aliens” soundtrack vinyl and lots of other awesome stuff that only Mondo is capable of.

Out of all the goodies that they are bringing with them, none make me want to give them my entire wallet more than their collection of “Madballs” pins for sale. If you recall, “Madballs” were an awesome toy line that later became a cartoon, comic book and video game.

It would be awesome if somebody came and did a reissue of these awesome toys. In the mean time these Mondo “Madballs” pins are just what I need in my life right now.

In addition to the pins make sure to check out their awesome “Escape From New York” and “Jaws” SDCC exclusive prints.

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