Stephen King adaptations have been rampant on both the big and small screens this year, but unfortunately, it looks like one of them won’t survive to see a follow-up.

According to THR, Spike TV has canceled The Mist, after only airing a single season of 10 episodes. The main reason appears to be low ratings, as the numbers took a huge dive after the series premiere, and never recovered. Mixed reviews from critics probably didn’t help things either.

The Mist on Spike TV (2)

One wonders if The Mist would have done better if it had stuck closer to King’s original story. The Mist’s TV version was a very loose adaptation, retaining the basic premise of a small town’s residents being trapped in mysterious mist, but changing just about everything else.

Perhaps most damning was producers’ decision to completely remove the huge Lovecraftian monsters that lurk within the titular substance in King’s story.

King’s descriptions of said monsters were one of the coolest aspects of his prose, and they were realized pretty impressively by director Frank Darabont in the 2007 Mist movie adaptation.

The Mist on Spike TV

Sadly, for anyone who enjoyed The Mist, the series ended on an unresolved note. In a way though, that’s kind of fitting, as King’s story itself ends on an ambiguous development.

With most King fans seeming to agree that Spike’s The Mist was a disappointing adaptation, one wonders if someone else will take a shot at adapting it again anytime soon. After all, King material is red hot in Hollywood right now.

Then again, maybe it would be better if another adaptation didn’t happen. Darabont’s film is already pretty great, and realistically, the chances of it being topped are probably pretty low. As Pet Sematary’s Jud Crandall would say, sometimes dead is better.

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