‘Misery’s’ Kathy Bates Loves Lizzy Caplan’s Annie Wilkes in ‘Castle Rock’

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The OG Annie Wilkes from 90’s Misery has gone on record to let Lizzy Caplan know that she is no dirty birdy of any kind. In fact, our OG Wilkes seems to love the new portrayal.

Kathy Bates, famously known among the horror crowd for her role in Rob Reiner’s Stephen King adaptation of Misery, Tweeted high praise for the Annie Wilkes of Hulu’s Castle Rock.

Lizzy Caplan hits it out of the park. She IS Annie Wilkes. Terrifying and human. Sometimes she makes me feel all oogie!

All ‘oogie’ indeed! Lizzy Caplan has been killing it in the role, but we really need look no further than these high marks from Kathy Bates who killed it in Misery with co-star James Caan.

Castle Rock season 2 is currently on Hulu and is definitely worth a look if you haven’t given it a peep yet.

Have you seen Caplan take on the role of Annie Wilkes? Let us know in the comments section.

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