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Millie Bobby Brown “Pissed” at Stranger Things 3 Ending

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Millie Bobby Brown wasn’t exactly pleased with some things that were written into the ending of Stranger Things 3… but it’s probably not what you’re thinking.

The actress, who took the world by storm along with the rest of the young cast from the show, didn’t voice any gripes about the death of Jim Hopper. Instead, she was upset about Eleven moving.

In an interview with Elle, Millie Bobby Brown said this about the move:

I was pissed! I read the script and I was like, “What, how is this even possible? Why are they moving away?” They were like “Didn’t you read episode 3?” And I was like, “Oh yeah.” Because Joyce said she wanted to move away from Hawkins. I don’t know, I just felt really against it. When we were filming it, all of us kids said to each other, “So how are we all going to cry?” Because we don’t really cry in front of each other very often. I usually am the one who’s crying in every single scene and the kids have to deal with me listening to [sad] music and they’re like, “Oh God.”


It hit hard for the young star, and the rest of the cast as well. She continued:

I thought, are we all going to go off and listen to music? And then one of the kids was like, “Imagine if we have to do this for real one day.” And we were like, “What do you mean?” And they were like, “What if, when Stranger Things is over, we’ll all have to say goodbye to each other and like this is it.” And we all started crying and then they rolled camera and said action. And that was it. We all started saying goodbye to each other. We felt too real.


It is worth noting that she did not mention Hopper’s supposed death, which had fans speculating whether or not he’s really gone. Yet the fact that she had nothing to say about it makes me wonder if she knows that he isn’t really gone – or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

I’ll hold onto hope for now. How about you?

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