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Although I am a staunch supporter of physical products, it’s impossible to argue against the future of online streaming. Netflix has become the go-to movie juggernaut, replacing video stores and paving the way for other similar services. Mill Creek Entertainment has launched its own streaming channel, dubbed Iron Fist TV.

As its name and logo suggests, Iron Fist TV is geared toward martial arts. But horror fans will be excited to see the “When Monsters Attack” section, which features some classic kaiju action: the awesome ’90s Gamera trilogy and 1966’s Daimajin trilogy.


If you’re also into martial arts films, you’re really in luck. The service also offers classic and hard-to-find kung-fu flicks from the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, as well as the Ultraman TV series and more.

Unlike many similar services, Iron Fist TV has a free option, an ad-supported section with rotating titles. The paid version – $4.99 a month – will gain you unlimited access to the site with no ads.

Iron Fist TV currently boasts over 35 movies and TV series, with many more being added in the coming months. The service is available both online and via Roku. Visit the Iron Fist TV website to watch some cool movies free and legally!