In recent years, writer/director Mike Flanagan has established himself as a horror filmmaker to keep an eye on. Personally, I have yet to dislike any of his films, excluding the still currently unreleased in the U.S. Before I Wake, which I’ve yet to see.

On a side note, if you haven’t checked out Flanagan’s breakout indie feature Absentia, do so at your earliest convenience. It’s an excellent – and sadly still pretty obscure – film, and will stay with you for days after you experience it.

Now, back on topic. Earlier this year, Netflix played host to Flanagan’s film adaptation of Stephen King novel Gerald’s Game, a story many once thought to be unfilmable.

Instead, Flanagan’s Gerald’s Game was a masterpiece, and is making many best of 2017 lists among the horror community. Evidently, Flanagan enjoys spending time in King’s world, as he told Lilja’s Library that he would next like to direct an adaptation of the master’s 2013 book Doctor Sleep.

A sequel to King’s classic The Shining, Doctor Sleep focuses on a now adult Danny Torrance, whose life hasn’t exactly been easy since surviving his ordeal at the Overlook Hotel. Doctor Sleep was reported to be becoming a film in spring 2016, but there’s been no further updates on the project since.

With Flangan’s terrific track record to date, Warner Bros. would be foolish to not at least consider offering him the Doctor Sleep directing gig. That said, IT director Andy Muschietti expressed a similar desire to helm a remake of Pet Sematary, and ended up getting passed over for the job.

iHorror at Sundance - Interview with Dan Myrick

iHorror at Sundance - Interview with Dan Myrick

At this year's Sundance Film Festival we had the opportunity to talk with The Blair Witch Project co-writer/director Dan Myrick. We talk to him about the 20th year anniversary of Blair as well as his upcoming movie Skyman and it's mixing of genres.

Posted by iHorror on Thursday, February 21, 2019


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