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‘Midsommar’ is “Atrociously Disturbing”, Says Jordan Peele

by Paul Aloisio

In the newest print issue of Fangoria, filmmaker Jordan Peele sits down with Hereditary director Ari Astor to talk about Aster’s newest movie Midsommar. And wow, does he give it some serious praise.

EW has given us an excerpt from the interview. And while we’re very interested in what Aster has to say, the real good stuff actually comes from Jordan Peele’s praise of the film while he asks the questions.

At one point he calls it the most idyllic horror movie of all time. From the interview, Peele says to Aster:

When I texted you after the screening, I wrote, “I think you’ve made the most idyllic horror film of all time.” You’ve taken Stepford Wives and shattered the attractiveness of that movie with this one. That alone is a feat. Also, there are some obvious comps out there, but this movie is just so unique. This hasn’t existed yet, and anything after Midsommar is going to have to contend with it. I mean, this usurps The Wicker Man as the most iconic pagan movie to be referenced.

But the really juicy part is when Peele makes the claim that Midsommar contains some of the most disturbing footage he’s ever seen in a movie. From the same interview, Peele gushes about the film:

It plays a weird sleight of hand, where it transcends the horror of itself. It is an ascension of horror. I didn’t feel victimized; I felt like I was being put up on this pedestal and honored through the eyes of the protagonist. It’s a very unique feeling for a film to conjure because after it ended, I found myself looking back at the final act like, “Holy s‑‑‑.” That was some of the most atrociously disturbing imagery I’ve ever seen on film, and yet I experienced it with this open-mouthed, wild-eyed gape. I think that part of how we get there is never reducing the villains to any kind of snarling monsters with an evil agenda.

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Midsommar will be released on July 3rd. Get ready for a wild ride.

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