‘Midsommar’ is a Psychedelic Fairy Tale, Says Director

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Ari Aster’s followup to Hereditary is one of the most anticipated new horror releases of the summer, and though details on it are sparse, the director has given a little more insight to the new film. The director ensures that Midsommar is in a stylistic league of its own, and not even he can really give us a good comparison to let us know what we can  expect.

Speaking with EW, he says:

“The film is definitely mining the same vein as Wicker Man was working, but as a piece of folk-horror, it’s pretty irreverent in that it doesn’t really stay comfortably on that route. That’s why I’m making sure to describe it as a fairytale. It’s not a million miles away from something like Alice in Wonderland. It’s a psychedelic film. But there are no solid [comparisons] that I can hand you. I’m hoping that the film feels pretty singular and is a trip.”

In this day and age, a piece of truly original horror cinema is something that I think we can all look forward to. Aster acknowledges the fact that many have been drawing comparisons to The Wicker Man, but it seems that we won’t be getting a retread of those same themes. Which, as I said, is much needed in 2019. How many remakes can we all stomach?

Midsommar will be released on July 3rd of this year. If you haven’t seen Hereditary yet, you have to change that immediately. It’s now streaming on Amazon Prime free for members of the video subscription service.

And since you’ve made it all the way to the end of this article, here’s your reward: a new picture from the film, courtesy of EW and A24! Let us know if you’re excited or not for the film in the comments and stay tuned.


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