Michael Rooker Could Play King Shark In James Gunn’s ‘Suicide Squad’

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It wasn’t too long ago that James Gunn was announced to write and direct a new version of the DC Warner Brothers Suicide Squad sequel. Then the question would be where it would go and who would be cast from there considering James Gunn’s style and his recurring work with certain actors. Now, we maybe getting a bit of an answer as Jame Gunn regular Michael Rooker is currently in talks to play DC villain, King Shark!

Image via Comicvine

In a story broken by The Wrap, Rooker who has appeared in Gunn movies such as Guardians O The GalaxySlitherSuper among others could potentially play the giant, flesh eating, shark monster man. King Shark being a regular DC comics antagonist since his appearance in 1994’s ‘Superboy’ #0 and created by Karl Kesel. King Shark’s true name being ‘Nanaue’ and based off of local legend. He is the son of the ‘God Of All Sharks’ and was responsible for numerous disappearances around the seas until he was defeated by Superboy and conscripted into an iteration of the Suicide Squad.

Time will tell if Rooker bites into the role, but imagine the possibilities!

Image via IMDB

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