The Halloween season brings with it a whole lot of fun things, from new horror movies to increasingly bizarre pumpkin-flavored food products. Another seasonal staple, which we love here on iHorror, is the scare prank, and we plan to bring you all the best ones in the coming months.

Though we’re still a couple weeks away from September, we’re delighted to see that the scare pranks have already begun, and first up is one that brings Michael Myers out of the fictional Haddonfield and into the real world. Myers stalks the streets for this scare prank, wielding various weapons.


The prank comes courtesy of DM Pranks Productions, the same guys who recently brought us a series of killer clown pranks that were spread across the internet. At this point, those boys may very well be the reigning kings of Halloween, and we can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves this year.

For now, check out the Michael Myers scare prank below – a very fitting way to begin the 2015 prank season!

[youtube id=”gzq_I05jFzk”]